Why do we need cloud-based solutions for Building Management Systems (BAS)?

In our recent Coffee Break Webinar, we posed the question to Ben Durfee of Turntide Technologies. These 45-minute sessions are worth 1 PDH and feature insider knowledge from some of the brightest minds in the HVAC industry. Ask your SVL Sales Engineer for an invite to the next one.

Watch our Coffee Break with Turntide below:

Turntide is Modernizing HVAC

There has undoubtedly been technological innovation in HVAC over the last 20 years. However, BAS largely haven’t kept pace in the iPhone era. We’re receiving process data from modern, efficient air handlers and VRV systems on the same older BAS systems with small, sequestered touchscreens and inscrutable user interfaces.

When users have a phone app for their $230 home thermostat, why shouldn’t they have the same mobile control with a $100k VRV System?

Remote Access is Key

When problems arise with HVAC systems, it’s often difficult for the average user to interact with a BAS. So, we send service teams in a truck to diagnose the issue, which costs time and money. The service team won’t have much access to historical data, so it might be more challenging to determine the problem’s root cause.

The best way to improve this chain of events is by using a cloud-based system like the native VRV tie-in from Turntide. It offers a simple user interface for remote access on any web-enabled device. The data collected allows for intelligent building monitoring.

Users can utilize historical operating data to set levels that trigger notifications and alerts. And the alerts come to your phone, not to some interface deep in a mechanical room in a different building. Remote access allows users to diagnose problems from a distance to make any service calls as efficient as possible. This is how the cloud optimizes day-to-day equipment operations.

Turntide Applications

This technology benefits multi-site operations, like medical office chains or school campuses, where a facility manager can’t always be in the building with the immediate issue. Cloud connections remove “siloed” environments so all your facilities can be connected.

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