Cloud-based Building Management

For More Information:

Turntide 3000: Up to 3,000 points, 2 RS485 serial ports and 1 ethernet interfaces

Turntide 5000: Up to 5,000 points, 3 RS485 serial ports, 1 RS232 serial port and 2 ethernet interfaces

Turntide’s product solutions provide:

  • Centralized navigation – Navigate directly on the map, filter to buildings and assets, or go directly to a critical alert. The same, easy-to-use app regardless of equipment type.
  • Equipment details – Access equipment data without a site visit so you can verify hot/cold issues, validate repairs or troubleshoot issues.
  •  Diagnostics – HVAC, lighting and energy diagnostics running across your equipment data to detect faults and/or issues before they cost you money.
  • Analytics – Utilize over 30 KPI’s (and growing) to simplify management across a portfolio and eliminate waste. Machine learning applied on your data to root hidden issues quickly.
  • Alerts – Leveraging a library of pre-built triggers, KPI’s and diagnostics, alerts are generated when an issue warrants attention. Quickly check detailed status to understand the problem.
  • Notifications – Get important equipment diagnostics or warnings delivered via email or text so you can quickly act. Request service with one click.
  • Schedules – Set schedules individual equipment, group of multiple buildings.