Jason Karau – Web Designer/Developer

Jason Karau SVL Marketing Agency Web Designer Developer

SVL would like to welcome our new Web Designer/Developer, Jason Karau. Jason comes to SVL with an AAS Degree in Graphic/Web Design from Hennepin Technical College, a Coding Degree from Treehouse, and a UX/UI Degree from the University of Minnesota.

Jason is looking forward to applying his education, work ethic, and to work with a collaborative team. SVL is excited for him to join our team!



AAS in Graphic/Web Design from Hennepin Technical College, Coding Degree from Treehouse, and UX/UI Design from the University of Minnesota

Life Goal

For People Across the World to See, Hear, and Feel Art That I Create, Whether it is Auditory, Visual, or By Touch


Playing Music, Producing Music, Freestyle Skiing, Lacrosse, and Hockey

  • If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?

Sweden, Norway, Germany,  Belgium, Switzerland, or Japan

  • What is your favorite season?

Winter, because I like to ski

  • If you could gain a superhero power, which would you choose?

Instant Materialization or Ability Replication (In a superhero world, an enemy’s worst foe is their own power)

  • What is your favorite zoo animal?


  • If you could join any musician or musical group, which one would you join?

Steely Dan

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