SVL Is Pleased to Announce Representation of Oxygen8’s Energy Recovery UnitsOxygen8 Logo

SVL is proud to announce that they are representing a cutting-edge line of Energy Recovery Units from Oxygen8. Oxygen8 is a Toronto based HVAC manufacturer, founded to meet the complex needs of modern building design by developing intelligent HVAC solutions. Oxygen8’s objective is to improve health, comfort, and energy efficiency for a multitude of applications.

Oxygen8 C30

Oxygen8 C30

SVL and Oxygen8’s Partnership is Here to Improve Your IAQ

IAQ is a very important topic, and SVL’s partnership with Oxygen8 will serve to add another layer of optimization. Oxygen8 systems use membrane-based energy recovery technology as well as integrate Daikin’s VRV heating and cooling systems to provide 100% fresh, filtered air to indoor environments at the ideal temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, low profile designs (16-30″) seamlessly integrate into tight spaces and allow for ceiling, wall, or floor-mounted installation. They also provide 400-3500cfm of air directly to the indoors, which prevents the recirculation of air and cross-contamination of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Oxygen8’s Energy Recovery UnitsOxygen8 ERU

Oxygen8 produces exceptional Energy Recovery Units with outstanding features:

  • Integration With VRV Providing Comfortable Leaving Air Temperatures
  • Low Profile Design, 16-30″ Depth, and Flow Range Of 500-3500 cfm
  • Enthalpy Plate Requiring Low Maintenance, No Moving Parts, And No Cross-Over Of Viruses
  • Packaged Solution For Simple Field Installation With DX Coil, EE Valves, EEV Controller Pre-Installed
  • Especially Easy To Use Web-Based Selection Software
  • High-Quality Double Wall Construction, ECM Fans, And Fully Integrated Controller
  • Flexible Configuration: DOAS (With Core & Coils), ERV (Core & No Coils), Fan-Coil (Coils & No Core)

To learn more about Oxygen8’s ability to improve your facility’s IAQ, contact your SVL Sales Representative or click here.