SVL Is Pleased to Announce Representation of Oxygen8’s Energy Recovery UnitsOxygen8 Logo

SVL is proud to announce that they are representing a cutting-edge line of Energy Recovery Units from Oxygen8. Oxygen8 is a Toronto based HVAC manufacturer, founded to meet the complex needs of modern building design by developing intelligent HVAC solutions. Oxygen8’s objective is to improve health, comfort, and energy efficiency for a multitude of applications.

Oxygen8 C30

Oxygen8 C30

SVL and Oxygen8’s Partnership is Here to Improve Your IAQ

IAQ is a very important topic, and SVL’s partnership with Oxygen8 will serve to add another layer of optimization. Oxygen8 systems use membrane-based energy recovery technology as well as integrate Daikin’s VRV heating and cooling systems to provide 100% fresh, filtered air to indoor environments at the ideal temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, low profile designs (16-30″) seamlessly integrate into tight spaces and allow for ceiling, wall, or floor-mounted installation. They also provide 400-3500cfm of air directly to the indoors, which prevents the recirculation of air and cross-contamination of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Oxygen8’s Energy Recovery UnitsOxygen8 ERU

Oxygen8 produces exceptional Energy Recovery Units with outstanding features:

  • Integration With VRV Providing Comfortable Leaving Air Temperatures
  • Low Profile Design, 16-30″ Depth, and Flow Range Of 500-3500 cfm
  • Enthalpy Plate Requiring Low Maintenance, No Moving Parts, And No Cross-Over Of Viruses
  • Packaged Solution For Simple Field Installation With DX Coil, EE Valves, EEV Controller Pre-Installed
  • Especially Easy To Use Web-Based Selection Software
  • High-Quality Double Wall Construction, ECM Fans, And Fully Integrated Controller
  • Flexible Configuration: DOAS (With Core & Coils), ERV (Core & No Coils), Fan-Coil (Coils & No Core)
About SVL

SVL, Inc. is a commercial HVAC equipment sales company that has offered unmatched solutions to scale for over 50 years. SVL provides exemplary solutions that integrate into every project as well as maintains a small business mentality. Additionally, the SVL team values customer relationships and go the extra mile to transcend expectations. Finally, SVL will guide you through every step of the design, selection, installation, and operation processes.

To learn more about Oxygen8’s ability to improve your facility’s IAQ, contact your SVL Sales Representative or click here.